– Android 14 Crash Fixes.

 – Lyrics Support (BETA).

 – Queue Reorder and gestures fixed, more stable.

 – Player Screen Redesign.

 – Track Favourites functionality added.

 – Only Downloaded tracks and playlists are shown in user library.

 – New Favourites and Recently Played Columns.

 – Download Speed and performance fixes added.

 – Queue auto-minimize when navigating to any other screen


 – Mp3 Conversion Fixed.

 – Songs Playback and Preview Mode (new default)

 – Auto Download and Save in Storage, avlbl in Download behaviour.

        – can be enabled in app preferences.

 – Notification Improvements and gracefully stops on app stop.

 – Artists Audio tag contains all artists.

 – UI and UX Improvements.

 – Crash Fixes.


 – User Playlists Creation is now supported (BETA).

 – Download Behaviour Settings:

   – Download Only Behaviour is now possible.

   – Queue Auto Download is now Opt-In (set in download behaviour).

 – Download and Play Actions are now both present.

 – Temp file auto-deletion improv.

 – Sources load time improved.

 – Sources Updated to v0.6.4.

 – UI improv and bugs Fixes.


– Mp3 conversion and tagging is fixed, should now work for everyone.

– Better notification support.

– Crash fixes and improvements.


– Search now works with better ui.

– .temp files deleted instantaneously.

– Crash fixes and improvements.

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