What is Soundbound ?

A Cross Platform Media Player with native abilities, able to support custom sources and consume content from multiple sources serving the media content to the main app.

  • User’s Central Music Library, with no compromises.

What is a Source ?

API providing consumable media content to the main app, conforming to this Lib.

  • Soundbound can load and use above sources into itself upon user’s explicit consent,

for example in Android, Sources are shipped as APKs, which user need to install explicitly in their device and then Soundbound loads them up and user can consume content from them through main app’s interface.

Playback stops automatically ?

Most of the times reason behind this is Android OS killing app when in background, and special optimisations made by miui/samsung/vivo are to be blamed.

However you can whitelist app which hopefully Android OS will respect. The shortcut way to do is to be enable whitelist mode in-app preferences first option.

hidden .temp files

App Creates temporary files to process and generate final m4a / mp3 file with all tags added.

Don’t worry app will automatically delete any temp files after required processing.

No User Intervention is needed here.

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